The Museum is home to live raptors, reptiles, and amphibians. They are education ambassadors connecting YOU to the wild animals that live in Wisconsin’s North Woods.

See who lives at the Museum in the photos below!

How to Meet the Animals:

  • On your next visit to the Museum, see the snakes and salamander in the Curiosity Center. Then check out the raptor enclosures in the backyard – you might be lucky enough to see a bird sitting in front of its window!
  • Attend a free “Talon Talk” raptor program at the Museum. Check our Calendar of Events to find the next scheduled program.
  • Have the critters come to YOU! We can visit your school, camp, or community group with our Wildlife Outreach Programs.

Support the Raptor Project:

  • Take a raptor under your wing through the Adopt-A-Raptor program. Your donation will help us provide the food, housing, and medical care the birds need. In return, you will receive a packet including a certificate, photos, and fact sheets about the bird.

Follow the Latest News:

  • Follow weekly updates about our birds, other live animals, and their daily care on the News from the Mews blog!
  • Our raptor enclosures, called “mews,” recently received an update! Check out photos of the remodeling process and the birds’ response here.