Natural Connections: Exploring Northwoods Nature through Science and Your Senses
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Natural Connections - Book by Emily StoneThe natural world offers a cornucopia of delights and amazements. Emily Stone knows how to unearth these stories and tell them with style. Life inevitably becomes richer the more we explore it. This book will enrich the life of anyone who lives in the Northwoods. I expect to go back to it many times, and every time, to be surprised while learning something more.

John Bates, naturalist and author of seven books on the Northwoods



Emily Stone’s writing reminds those of us who have read him (and taught about him) of Aldo Leopold. How wonderful for all of us to have your fresh and new observations following in that great tradition.

Bob Jacobel, professor of physics and environmental studies, St. Olaf College




Come explore all four wonderful seasons in the Northwoods with a knowledgeable guide.

At the heart of this book is Emily’s passion for sharing her discoveries with both kids and adults. Join her on a hike, paddle, or ski, and you’ll soon be captivated by her animated style and knack for turning any old thing into a shining bit of stardust.

In stories about the smell of rain, cheating ants, photosynthesizing salamanders, and more, she delves deeply into the surprising science behind our Northwoods neighbors, and then emerges with a more complex understanding of their beauty.

Themes like adaptations, symbiotic relationships, the cycles of nature, and the fluidness of life and death float through every chapter.

While this book contains many of your familiar friends, through Emily’s research and unique perspective, you will discover something new on every page and around every bend in the trail.


Nature’s Calendar Phenology Journal (Purchase Here)

Phenology is the study of when specific events happen in nature from year to year in aphenology journal cover specific place. This journal gives

This journal gives you a place to record those events and have the fun of looking back at when seasonal events happened in the past. Each page is a date, and each date has space to record the events of 5 years!

Who has time anymore to acknowledge when the wood frogs croak their first mating call, or when they go quiet among the jingle bell chorus of spring peepers? But if you do—if you open your eyes, and your ears, and your heart—the rewards are vast. By observing and writing down even a small selection of seasonal events that occur in your sphere, you can deepen your connection with the natural world. You can become a phenologist. With an introduction by author Emily M. Stone.

Emily M. Stone is a naturalist by birth, training, profession, and passion.

Emily StoneHer childhood spent as a “mud and water daughter” led to a degree in outdoor education from Northland College and a Field Naturalist Masters from the University of Vermont.

As the Naturalist/Education Director at the Cable Natural History Museum in Cable, Wisconsin, Emily writes a weekly “Natural Connections” column published in more than a dozen local and regional newspapers. She has earned an Excellence in Craft award from the Outdoor Writers Association of America.


Proceeds from this book benefit children’s nature education

at the Cable Natural History Museum.

Enjoy Emily’s newest essays each week!

Her Natural Connections column is published in more than 25 regional media outlets.


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