Bring your students to the Museum for fun and learning in all seasons that will connect students with the natural world and address science standards.

Spring Field Trips:

Your students will “Bee Amazed” at our new exhibit featuring the 166 native bee species that live in Northwest Wisconsin!



Typically, half of your field trip will be spent exploring the exhibit and playing in the Curiosity Center. The other half will be spent in the classroom or outside exploring bee topics in depth with naturalist-led activities.

During activities based on the Next Generation Science Standards, students will…

– Experience a bee’s lifecycle.

– Learn how pollination works.

– Explore why humans need bees.

– Discover how solitary bees care for their offspring.

– Develop an understanding of healthy ecosystems.

– Play games to reinforce concepts.

– Receive a take-home reminder of their day. 


To make your reservations:

  1. Check the Field Trip Calendar for available dates.
  2. Fill out and submit the Reservation Request form.

The cost is $3.00/student, with a $45 minimum.
No charge for teachers or chaperones.
Program length: 2 hours (unless the school chooses a shorter trip based on their scheduling needs).


Fall Field Trips:

A wide variety of outdoor and indoor activities on a wide variety of topics can be designed to suit your interest or needs.


Winter Field Trips:IMG_2916

Experience the winter woods on snowshoes! The Museum has enough snowshoes to outfit about 50 students and adults. Nearby trails offer wonderful opportunities to learn about animal adaptations to winter, tracking, winter ecology, snow science, and so much more! The experience can be designed to suit your interest or needs. Indoor components and exhibit tours are also available.


Questions about any of our field trip options? Contact Haley at or 715-798-3890.